Zume Pizza lands $48 million in funding for robotic pizza delivery


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A robotics startup referred to as Zume Pizza, which is automating en route pizza creation, has elevated virtually $50 million in undertaking funding.

Why so substantially income for a enterprise automating pizza creation and shipping? Since if effective, it will transform the way quickly food stuff operates by raising pace and freshness although cutting down a sizeable portion of labor costs.

Which is especially essential in the restaurant marketplace. Food costs are going down, which is good information for quickly food stuff providers, but labor costs have been increasing steadily. The cost of labor as a percentage of profits rose .8 p.c in 2016, according to the consulting agency BDO.

Since quickly food stuff relies on reduced-talent, repeatable tasks, it is really the best use-case for automation. Which is led to a hurry of innovation in food stuff provider.

The New York Instances not too long ago profiled a salad-making robot named Sally, which is produced by Chowbotics. The enterprise claims its robot eliminates the unsanitary aspects of the ubiquitous salad bar.

Moley Robotics has produced a robotic chef that is made up of two arms that hang down over a get the job done station to prepare and prepare dinner meals. The procedure costs about $15,000 and is predicted to go on sale upcoming year.

Just last thirty day period a hamburger robot named Flippy acquired its first restaurant work at Caliburger.

According to an SEC submitting, Zume Pizza’s the latest spherical elevated $48 million, just shy of the firm’s aim. Very last December Zume elevated $23 million.

The enterprise, which is currently delivering pizzas in Silicon Valley, employs an assembly line of robots to flatten dough into circles, distribute sauce and cheese, and slide the pies into and out of an 800 diploma oven.

The process starts on a robotic assembly line in a centralized kitchen area, but pizzas end cooking in ovens within of trucks en route to shipping.

Zume employs predictive analytics to determine out which toppings are going to be most preferred in a offered location and when desire may surge–for instance, all through a major sporting occasion. Like Uber, transactions are cashless.

Zume Pizza has extra than 100 workforce and resources its robotic arms from ABB, a maker of industrial robots.


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