Wildlife biologists use Intel drones to spy on polar bears


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Wildlife biologists usually get the job done in severe environmental circumstances and experience dangerous animals, but their top rated position hazard — helicopter and plane crashes — could be eliminated by existing technology. According to the Audobon Modern society, light-weight-plane crashes are the No. 1 killer of wildlife biologists.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (normally named drones) can remedy this issue although also staying significantly less disturbing to the animals. Wildlife photographer and conservationist Ole Jørgen Liodden is employing Intel’s business drones with thermal payloads to observe polar bear communities in the Arctic. Intel is targeting other industries for business drone product sales, but Arctic exploration presents breathtaking imagery that assists to present off the firm’s Falcon 8+ drone method and its capabilities.

The drones run in extreme circumstances although employing sensors and cameras to observe animals that would normally be concealed in the snow. They can capture precise details about the bears’ behavior designs, these types of as breeding, feeding, and migration patterns. Liodden thinks that this information will enable scientists fully grasp how weather alter influences not only polar bears, but the overall health of the full planet.

Scientists normally use helicopters or little plane to study Arctic wildlife, but loud choppers disturb the animals, which tends to make it hard to notice their natural behavior. These conventional techniques can be highly-priced and imprecise, and it is in particular hard to obtain white bears in opposition to a snowy backdrop.


Experts have named polar bears a “canary in a coal mine” for weather alter. (Picture: Intel)

“That is why we utilised the
thermal camera
on the drone,” explains Anil Nanduri, VP New Technology Group and Typical Supervisor of Intel’s Drone Group. He tells ZDNet, “It could spot the bears by their heat signature, even though it was sometimes only a diploma warmer than the background, it was sufficient to make the bears stand out in the setting.”

Drones are quieter, extra precise, and significantly less highly-priced than manned plane, but they have a total distinctive set of complications. The batteries that electric power drones are sensitive to temperatures, so exposing them to the frigid Arctic air is dangerous. A marine biologist who makes use of drones to observe penguins and whales in Antarctica informed Well known Science that he even makes use of skiers’ hand warmers to keep batteries heat in the field.


The Intel Falcon 8 drone explores Arctic terrain. (Picture: Intel)

On a current Intel drone expedition, Liodden wasn’t authorized on shore with polar bears, so they launched drones from boats. Unfortunately, the steel in the boats can bring about magnetic fields that interfere with a drone’s navigation units and electronics. Some drones on the expedition had to disable their GPS and use manual modes rather.

Nanduri states, “1 other drone had an even even bigger problem in that it could not initialize its sensors with out remaining however as it turned on, which is hard on a moving, pitching, rolling boat, but the Intel Falcon 8+ drone had no problem at all.”


The steel in exploration boats produces a magnetic field that can interfere with electronics. (Picture: Intel)

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